How do I make payments?
You can pay online with your credit or debit cards (All major cards including; Mastercard, Visa, and American Express). Your card is automatically charged each month on a recurring basis until you cancel your subscription.
Am I locked into a contract?
With our monthly plans, we offer a pay-as-you-go style meaning you’ll never be locked into a plan and you can cancel or upgrade/downgrade at anytime. We do however, understand everyone is different and offer annual plans with a one-off-payment, we will provide the service for the year and then you can decide to remain on your current plan, change your plan, or cancel. Don’t worry we are also here to help, if you are on the annual plan and not happy, let us know and we can work with you to fix the problem.
Can I get a refund?
Yes. If you are unsatisfied we want to help find a solution, so let us know. We offer a 100% full refund within the first 30 days of the plan. After 30 days, refunds are prorated for the remaining time left in the month. Refunds are only available when paying monthly.
Can I change my plan after signup?
Of course. Businesses are always changing and so are your needs, if you need more or less from your plan, we are happy to change your to a different plan when the next billable month begins. We can even customise the plan to give you exactly what you need.
Can I customise or add more hours/content to my plan?
Yes. If you need anything above the Cut Throat plan, we will listen to what your needs are and create a plan that suit them perfectly.
What do I need to provide to get started?
We will assess your site when you sign up and see if there are any special requirements for your website. To get started we will need your WordPress admin and FTP details, if you are unsure of those details we will be able to work with you and contact the necessary web admins to get them.

We ensure that your information remains private and is only used to be able to offer our maintenance service.

What happens if my site breaks when doing maintenance?
While we take care to ensure compatibility of themes and plugins before updating, sometimes things can break unexpectedly. Luckily, we plan ahead and backup your website before doing any sort of updates. These backups are also stored incase of any hacking or security scares. We use your backups to restore or repair your website if necessary, and advise the author of the theme or plugin with the issue so it is fixed in the next version. This means we will have you back up and running as soon as possible.
Can you build or fix up my website?
Of course, we build websites big and small to fit your business and love to use WordPress to make them. This is part of our sister business Bearded Friend. Send us a message with some details and we will be able to give you a quote to build or re-imagine your website.
Where is your team located?
We are currently running things from Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia, and have staff in the Philippines. The good thing is, no matter where we travel or move, we will always be able to care for your website and have your back.
Do you offer hosting? Do you have a preferred webhost?
We don’t offer hosting. We work with a bunch of great companies that can offer high quality, WordPress friendly hosting. We will be happy to suggest the best host for you.
Do you offer a discount if I have multiple sites?
Yes. We provide discounts for bulk sites. We also work with agencies that want to outsource their maintenance. Just contact us and provide us with some details about your needs and we will provide you with a customised plan.
Do you offer an affiliate plan?
We welcome affiliates, and would love to have you come aboard. Contact us about our affiliate plan and we will be in touch.
Can you take care of eCommerce sites?
Yes we can, however, due to the extra moving parts and connections, you must sign-up for the Cut Throat or Custom Plan for eCommerce sites.
Do you support WordPress Multisite?
No, not at this time. Contact us to express your interest.
Do you provide SEO options?
SEO is very important and takes time and understanding to get right. Our focus is on maintaining your WordPress site, and therefore we do not offer any SEO services. We are happy to recommend you to other great companies that can work with you to set your SEO up right. The SEO Report in the Cut Throat plan is there to show you how your site is ranking for certain keywords to help you plan your content, it does not influence your rankings in any way.
What are your support hours?
Our hours of support are 9am-5pm AEST (UTC 10+).
Is there a limit to support requests can I submit each month?
Feel free to send us questions, if your request is covered is your plan, we will be sure to included it as part of your months’ service. In some cases we might be be able to quickly answer you via email. There are no limits to requests, as long as it is apart of your plan and plans’ hours (each task = a minimum of 30 minutes). If you have any needs outside of your plan or need extra support hours, contact us and we will be able to send a quote for the extra job, or we can upgrade you to a plan that suits you better. We’re all about finding you a solution.
How do I request additional support and/or site add-ons?
Send us an email at support@thewpbarber.co with the detail of what you are needing and we will advise you if this is apart of your plan or give you a quote for your request.

Answered your questions?